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The National Holocaust Centre in collaboration with Leeds Local Authority, Leeds Branch of the Council of Christians and Jews and the Leeds Church Institute are running workshops in Leeds on Wednesday 12th November for primary and secondary school teachers and members of the Church community.

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The National Holocaust Centre promotes an understanding of the roots of discrimination and prejudice, and the development of ethical values, leading to a greater understanding within society. The Centre uses the history of genocide as a model of how society can break down, and emphasises how current and future generations must carefully examine and learn from these tragedies. The Centre promotes respect for human rights, equal opportunities and good citizenship, which has greater resonance than ever in our culturally diverse society.
The National Holocaust Centre provides a range of facilities for people of all backgrounds to explore the history and implications of the Holocaust. These include the Holocaust exhibition, The Journey, memorial gardens, bookshop and coffeeshop. There are also seminar and research facilities for students, teachers, scholars, professionals and many others.

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